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Level up. If you increase your Sims FreePlay degree, you will achieve more life-style factors and cash. You can do this by having an excellent relationship with a Sim (like being a Sim's associate or best buddy) since it will earn you milestones, or doing issues that take a number of time to complete. Also, while you stage up you may build homes, companies and workplaces, all of which will increase your land value and earns you more money.

Save items you can reuse. Put a cradle in the inventory as soon as a child's born. Different couples can use it and it saves money so you do not have to purchase a brand new one. Be prepared for a wet day. Save up your LP as a result of some of your tasks require them. When you full the task, you will get some back. You don't want to be caught since you spent all of your LP on one thing you did not actually need!the sims freeplay hack tool

Start by having your date/time automatically. Go into sims freeplay and have a sim do an extended timing motion, planting, diving, designing, and so forth. Exit out of the game and double click house button. Hold down an app and close the sims freeplay app. Go into settings and change the date and time to: December 31, 2013 12:00am. Return into Sims. Give it about 5 the sims freeplay cheats apk 2.5.6 seconds to boot all the pieces up. Close the app once more both methods (house display). Then change your date/time back to computerized. Next time you go into sims, the final sim you closed on now completed it is motion and you've got 10 LP.

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